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Car Shows

Since 2006 the Pico Improvement Organization, Andy Gomez and Engler Bros. have sponsored a very successful annual car show in Santa Monica that is normally held in October. This show has proven to be a great draw for the local car enthusiast to view classic, custom and high-performance automobiles. The vehicle entries for the show are mostly “locals” in the Pico neighborhood who want to show their cars in a local setting.

Beginning in 2009 and continuing in 2010 funds were raised from car show entries to benefit the Santa Monica High School football program and the Cody Williams recovery fund. Cody was seriously injured in a football game and is now confined to a wheel chair and the funds that are raised help both his school and his recovery.

Please click on the “years” at the right to see pictures of some of our past shows.

If you are interested in either participating in the car show as an entrant or would like to keep informed about the show date, please send an email to