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Engler Bros - parts quality and service

Machine Shop

by Jerry Van Loo

I have worked at Engler Bros since 1975.  I came from an automotive background where my father had a service station about 4 blocks west of this location.  I learned the shop business from my father-in-law Arnold (one of the two original ‘brothers’).  We continue to pride ourselves in caring for the needs of the customer, even if it isn’t an automotive issue.  It isn’t unusual to find us repairing some household item right along with doing valve jobs and rebuilding engines.

We are considered a throw-back in today’s world as most of our kind have been lost to the mass merchandisers of today’s ‘buy big’ mentality.  We have survived by working hard, being honest and being fair.  We offer services that are becoming more and more rare in our business today.  We expect to continue to fulfill these needs into the future.

Main services

Valve Jobs - This is the largest portion of our labor work.  You will find us renewing these parts daily.  We work on automotive parts mainly, with occasional motorcycle, marine or stationary engines thrown in.  This is an extremely involved process where we check, machine and replace every aspect of the head to make sure it is suitable for installation back on the engine.

Drum/Rotor Machining - In this section of the shop we take nasty, rusted and warped rotors and drums and machine them to bring them back to original tolerances.  Brake jobs should always include the refinishing of these parts along with the new pads or shoes.

Flywheel Grinding - A bouncy, jerky clutch pedal usually means that something is awry in the clutch.  There is a lot of friction taking place here and the heat generated  has some real negative effects on the parts.  Replacing the clutch assembly is the first part of the clutch job.  The flywheel needs to be refinished also as it is the other half of the friction surface… It must be done also.  We do that! Your mechanic will be impressed with the smoothness of the finished job.

Press Work - I have a 40 ton press in the shop that just waits to squeeze something!  It can be a simple bend of light metal or the punishing force of removing a frozen bearing from an axle or knuckle.  We have special adapters for bushings and things you would never expect.  It is almost magical how the press can move things!

Bead Blasting - Customers are always pleasantly amazed at how good their parts look after we have spent some time blasting them in our machine.  After an initial degreasing in our very hot, environmentally friendly Jet Cleaning machine, we put them in the blaster and remove rust, paint and most other stuff until it is down to bare metal.   When you paint this item you can be assured it is going to stick well.